The Best Tips For Your Miniature Schnauzer Crate Training

I always thought that crate training would be as simple as buying a crate and putting your dog in it.  But there’s actually a lot that goes into getting your dog a new crate, especially for your miniature schnauzer.  Aside from the fact that it is an effective house breaking tool, it can also help reduce separation anxiety, to prevent them from excessive behavior.  It will also be a good way to potty train a dog.  When in a crate they will feel that it is their territory, unlike when they are inside the house because it’s too big for them to own them.  Lastly it will also serve as a portable or mobile dog house for travel or moving him from room to room inside your house.

Miniature schnauzer crate training will require a lot of intensive care and involvement so be sure you are ready.  Here are some of the things that you need to remember when putting your miniature schnauzer in a crate.

Crate training will start from buying and preparing the right crate for your miniature schnauzer.  You will have two options the Vari-kennel type or the plastic one and the Wire Mesh type or simply the wire mesh.  Regardless of the type always see to it that the crate is large enough for your dog to sit up or stand and stretch out comfortably.

Just a tip, if you want a Vari-kennel type of crate and your dog is a bit old.  Remove the top portion of the crate together with the door, this will allow him to go in and out of the crate to let him know that its alright for him to still go outside.  Spend sometime for this every day until he gets used to it.  But if your miniature schnauzer is still a young puppy you don’t have to do this anymore because he will accept it right away.

In a Wire Mesh type, for miniature schnauzer crate training it is a good idea to just tie the crate door back so it is always open and will not shut closed.  If the crate has a floor plan put something to keep it from rattling like a piece of cardboard or a towel between the floor.

Again it’s a good idea to always teach your dog to obey your command, when you miniature schnauzer walks in to the crate say “crate” or “den” or anything that your dog will recognize that they need to go inside the crate.  Remember to use it constantly and continuously, reward them whenever they follow your command.

Put things that he likes inside the crate like his toys and or a treat will encourage them to stay inside the crate and will make them feel more comfortably.  It will also pre occupied them so they will not notice that they are already inside the crate for a long time.

Be sure to put a clean and comfortable blanket or cloth for the dog’s beddings.  If the crate is small you can bring it inside your room or anywhere near you. This will make him secured that you are still near him and that he is not alone.  Always praise the miniature schnauzer every time that’s needed, do not over do it remember anything that’s too much is not good.

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