Terrier Training

There are various types of Terriers.   Some breeds are easier to train than others.  Terrier dog training should be provided based upon the breed of terrier being trained.A sufficient amount of exercise based upon your specific breed of terrier is important to assure successful training.  Socialization is needed for terrier training, terriers can at times be aggressive with other dogs.

Housebreaking a terrier can provide a challenge.  Patience is needed during obedience training.   This particular training can take 4-6 months of consistent training before success.

Terriers are generally an intelligent dog making the training process relatively easy.  They also will resist being told what to do.

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Terrier Training Tips

Watch your tone of voice when training and disciplining your terrier.   They are very sensitive to harsh tones.   Terriers also resist being told what to do.  Your best method to use to train your terrier is with encouragement and reward

The key tip to training a terrier is encouragement and rewards rather than forcing good behavior. It is also important to note the Terrier tends to be noisy with grunting, snuffles, snorting, and wheezing due to a short face.   There is nothing to train that will prevent the terrier from making these noises.

Terriers also tend to slobber and especially slobber water.  Once again there is hardly anything you can do about this.  Do not punish your dog for these behaviors as it is simply due to the dog’s anatomy.

Another physical problem is that of passing gas.  This is not behavioral but you can help the situation by providing a diet of real meat and fresh foods.

Do not let these problems present you from considering a terrier for your pet as they do have several great traits including intelligence, alertness, desire to please, gentle and are also well mannered.  Terriers tend to be an affectionate part of your family. Terriers also get along well with others including pets, older people, and kids.

Terriers a can be trained effectively with just a little effort and consistency.  Providing sufficient exercise for the terrier during training can also improve the results of training provided.   Some terriers are more aggressive than others and training should be modified as needed for each breed.

Allowing your terrier to socialize prior to training can help with the training interaction needed for success in training your terrier.

Scolding the terrier can often create more stubbornness and aggressive behavior from your Terrier.  It is best to develop and relate with mutual respect with your Terrier.  Terriers tend to be overconfident and if you show respect to this the Terrier will show respect to you as a leader.  Do not try to force your Terrier to obey or behave in a certain manner but ask and provide motivation by use of a toy, praise or food treat.  Developing a mutual respect will lead to successful Terrier dog training.

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