Stop Dog Whining

Whining is both a big problem you can have with your dog and also a huge challenge in how to correct the behavior. To be most successful the training to stop your dog from whining should begin at an early age.

Why does your dog whine?

  • Communication of being upset, in pain, or scared
  • Behavioral reaction to feeling abandoned or being upset
  • Hurt or Sick
  • Alarm
  • Missing you
  • Attention

The dog uses whining to let you know he is scared, upset or in pain. 

If the dog feels abandoned or ignored for any reason he will whine as a behavioral response to these feelings.  If your dog suddenly starts whining and has not previously it probably is an indication the dog is sick or in pain. It is important in this type of situation to take your dog to the vet for expert care.

Your dog may be whining as an alarm to someone that he needs help or to be rescued when he feels fear or is afraid he has been abandoned.
Punishment will prove ineffectual and may actually make the situation worse by increasing anxiety and stress.

Whining Because Your Dog Misses You

If your dog whines because he is missing you will need to start correcting this by establishing short period o time when you will be gone and then returning giving your dog confidence you will be returning.

Whining for Attention

Make sure your spend quality time with your dog and after doing so if the dog whines for attention just ignore the whines. If ignoring the whines does not work, then firmly but calmly tell the dog to stop whining. You can also try spraying the dog with water in the face for whining.

A whining dog can be very annoying especially at night. Once again consistency in addressing this problem is key for success. Also do not easily place the cause for whining as that of for attention. Look first for the other reasons. As noted above whining is a means of communication by your dog to you and he could be letting you know something is wrong and needs your attention. It probably will not take long at all using these techniques to get your dog to stop whining.

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