Stop Dog Licking

Almost nothing can be as embarrassing, as when your Dog, licks you or visitors to your home. If this is happening to you, then it is time to stop the dog from licking inappropriately right now.

You may not have a problem if your dog is licking on you but your visitors probably do not appreciate it at all. Dog licking may not be as much of a problem as biting but it is a behavior you want your dog to establish or continue.

Key elements to stop your dog from licking

  1. Consistency
  2. Do not let the dog lick yourself
  3. Ignore your dog if he is trying to lick you
  4. Yelp as if in pain when your dog starts to lick you
  5. Apply something to your skin such as lemon juice which will not taste good to the dog

Consistency, the common thread for all dog training, has its place in this training as well.

Your dog probably is showing affection to you by licking you, but if you allow your dog to lick yourself then he will also feel it is okay to lick others as well.

Ignore your dog if he is trying to lick you. When the dog recognizing that you are not responding to his behavior of licking he will decide that is not a way to get your attention.

Cry out or yelp when you dog licks you. Your dog will relate to this sound recognizing that what he just did caused you some pain or discomfort. It should only take a time or two for this to provide results.

A less popular method is to place a substance that does not taste good on your hand or arm. When the dog licks you he will get a really bad taste. It will not take but a few times of this occurring and your dog will stop licking.

The biggest mistake people make concerning this is by not recognizing how allowing your dog to lick on you is what sets this behavior up for your dog.

Your dog just might have a problem licking himself excessively and there are some reasons and solutions to this problem. If your dog spends time outdoors he may simply be dirty from running through the grass, rolling in the dirt and a nice bath will correct the licking problem. Your dog may have attracted fleas or ticks while outdoors and licking himself is one of the natural ways to get rid of these pests.

A bath using flea and tick shampoo will provide the needed relief for your dog. It is highly recommended to brush your dog before bathing to prevent increased tangles and matting. Your dog could also have developed a skin disorder such as dermatitis or mange. These conditions can be caused by mites, molds, fleas or even his dog food. For diagnosis and treatment your dog should have a visit with his veterinarian. Stress or boredom can also cause a dog to lick himself.  Stress can be caused by a new pet, separation anxiety, abuse, or even a new food.

Whether your dog is licking people or himself excessively you will want to address this as soon as possible using the suggestions provided for the various causes to stop your dog from licking.


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