Stop Dog Howling

Howling is one form of communication used by dogs.  A howling dog can be problematic for your neighbors.  It is in your best interest as well as your dog’s to learn how to stop your dog from howling.

Reasons dogs howl

  • Attract Attention
  • Make Contact with others
  • Announce their presence
  • Response to certain high pitched sounds

If your neighbors inform you when you are gone from home your dog howls, it just might be that your dog’s howling is caused by separation anxiety.  This type of howling only occurs when the dog is left alone.

Sometimes dogs may howl if they are sick or hurt.   If your dog howls more than normal you may need to a make an appointment with your veterinarian to have the dog checked out.

If sounds such as another dog howling or a siren trigger the howling from your dog, more than likely he will stop when the sound stops.  This type of howling generally is not a problem unless the trigger sound occurs frequently.  If needed you can use systematic desensitization and counter conditioning treatment which may be effective as a treatment.  Usually these treatments work best together.

If your dog howls to get your attention he will usually do so when you are present.  The best approach is to simply ignore your dog’s howling.  When you dog become quiet then an only then pay attention to him.  Give him a treat, special toy, or just spend time with him and reward him for being quiet not for howling.

You can teach your dog to be quiet by first getting him to bark or howl and then tell him to be quiet.  Once he is quiet give him a treat.   Repeat this sequence over and over again.   As you continue to repeat it stretch the time between silence and treat.   After doing this for a while your dog will learn the reward for being quiet.

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Your dog could be howling simply because he is lonely and wants so social time.   Spend time with your dog playing and just talking to him.  He will be satisfied and will soon not feel like he has to make noise to get your attention.   He will be a much happier dog and you will get quiet time and happy neighbors all at the same time.   Dogs are very sociable and want to spend time with their owners.   Following these steps should stop your dog from howling in just a short period of time.


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