Stop Dog From Biting

A dog that bites is a very serious problem. The dog owner has to recognize the inappropriate behavior before they can take care of the problem.

The reasons for dog biting are multiple and the severity of dog biting varies as well.The approach to stop dog biting will vary according to the reason, severity, and age o the dog.

Why does your dog bite?

Most dogs bite because of a stressful situation. The more stressful a situation there is more of a possibility he may bit. Sources of stress includes

Management and Prevention

The important thing is that your dog stops biting as soon as possible.

Puppies that bite

Train your puppy to stop biting on command. As he grows he should be controlling this himself. Teaching your puppy to know the limits to mouthing or nipping is very important. Do not let this behavior continue.  It is much easier to control this behavior while in the puppy stage than at a more mature level.


Older puppies and young dogs that bite

As for correction and or prevention of many behavior problems, obedience training is a must if your dog is biting. Obedience training reinforces with the dog his place and reduces aggression. It also provides the dog with alternative behaviors in stressful situations.

Socialization of your dog is very important so they become familiar with other animals and people without demonstrating aggressiveness than can lead to a biting problem.

Adult dogs that bite

At this stage you must understand why your dog is continuing to bite. You may need to get the assistance of a professional in animal training and animal behavior. For the benefit and safety of your family, friends and others your dog may come into contact with it is vital that you take this seriously and get the professional help needed.

Teach your dog or puppy to stop biting today!

If you have had your dog from a young age it would be evident you have failed to provide the proper training and direction to your dog or this behavior would not have continued. Turning to an expert at this time can provide an insight into the problem that you do not have or may be overlooking.

The emphasis to know your dog and his behavior is very important to stop your dog from biting.


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