Stop Dog Chewing

There will several things you will need to be aware of if your dog is exhibiting chewing inappropriately in order to stop that dog from chewing.

What are some of the considerations?

  • What is he chewing?
  • What is the underlying cause of his chewing?
  • When is he chewing?

What is he chewing?

Is it furniture, cushions, socks, shoes, or perhaps even his feet? A simple step for some items, if you puppy is young and still experiencing problems with behavior, may just be to remove the items until he develops better behavior. There are also products available to spray a bitter substance on objects to deter chewing. This spray can be used on the dog’s feet and even his tail, if that happens to be what he is chewing. Usually this really bad taste will be all that it takes to keep your dog from going back for a second chew on that item.

What is it that is causing your dog to chew?

For a puppy that may not be such a hard thing to determine.  A puppy cutting teeth will need something to chew on as the teeth come through. A simply solution for this is to offer a treat or toy made for a puppy teething. For best results place the toy in the freezer for a few hours and then give it to the puppy. This is a win-win situation as it will relieve the pain from teething and also serve as a substitute for chewing on objects you do not want the puppy to chew on.

Those are really the simple causes and solutions, but not every time will it be that easy.  Some other causes include loneliness, boredom, or stress. Every dog demands a certain amount of stimulation very much like a child. Again, similar to a child, if ignored, your dog will do things to get attention or if he is not getting enough interaction and physical activity he will get into things and into trouble.

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When is your dog chewing?

If your dog is chewing when he is left alone or at times when you are not available to provide interaction, try letting your dog spend time outside tied up or in a location where he can not get to the things he has been chewing on but place a toy he can chew on within his reach. You can also provide a treat to chew for your dog. One that works exceptionally well is a chew treat with a special treat inside such as peanut butter, that he will have to chew on for a while to get the treat inside.


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