Stop Dog Barking

Getting your dog to stop barking can be very difficult and also a time consuming job. One of the challenges is that dogs love to bark.

It is just as natural for your dog to bark as it is for you to speak.  Normally when a dog barks it is not a problem.  The problem comes into play when the barking becomes excessive for everyone including your neighbors.

When we talk about how to stop your dog from barking we are only talking about when it is excessive.  It is never intended to stop dogs from barking all the time.  That just would not be natural.  You want to control the excessive barking that is disturbing.

The first thing you should do when your dog is barking excessively is simply finding out why he is barking.  After you have discovered why he is barking then you can apply the proper correction.  The problem could be someone has walked into your yard or perhaps there is another animal in the area of your dog.   Once the person has moved on or the animal removed your dog will probably stop barking right away.

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Why do dogs bark?

  • Let you know their needs
  • Some dogs have actually been bred to bark
  • Marking their area
  • Alerting of Danger
  • As a part of play and excitement
  • At other animals.
  • Separation
  • Expression of dominance
  • Previous reward for barking
  • Bored
  • Feeling stressed
  • Lack f socialization
  • For attention

How to stop your dog from barking

  • Communicate clearly what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.
  • Do not reward your dog for barking
  • Do not yell at the dog
  • Do not let him inside just because he is barking
  • Do not go out to comfort your dog when barking

Going to the door and firmly telling your dog to be quiet or stop barking may work but do not go to your dog and pet him or try to reassure him as this will be looked at as being rewarded for barking and your job will be much harder to teach him not to bark.  If you go out and yell at the dog he may just think you are playing along with him.

For your comfort and the comfort of your neighbors work on this until it is corrected.   You will not be popular in your neighborhood until you are successful at controlling your dog’s behavior.


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