Secrets To Dog Training Review

“Secrets to Dog Training” is a full online dog training obedience program.  This product was formerly named SitStayFetch, gives you a complete overview how to make any dog well behaved in any environment.  Over 200, 000 dog owners have used this program to successfully train their dog to be obedient. The course was designed by Daniel Stevens who has been a successful dog trainer fof many years, and hundreds of thousands of dog owners have used his methods to successfully train their dogs.

The program is designed in a systematic format that will allow you to build a good solid foundation with your dog, then work on training and obedience commands.   The guide is comprehensive yet, does not have a lot of “fluff”, just great information and methods.

The guide begins with covering information on how to choose the right dog or puppy for you.   It goes over popular breeds and temperaments and where to go to find you new dog or puppy.  Then it discusses dog health, nutrition, illness, vaccinations, and all the dog you have selected.

Then the guide gets into different ways to train your dog.  He discusses all of the different options you have for training your dog.  He discusses crate training, choke collar method, dog whispering, and the reinforcement method. These are just a few of the methods, but all are covered in the book.

Finally the third part of the course; you will learn the different ways to tackle the negative dog behaviors.   The course covers how to stop dog digging, barking, chasing, biting howling, chewing and much more! The book also covers how to stop dog aggression, and to teach dogs to behave well around other people.

The training guide trains the dog owner how to teach their dog.  The training with dog training really resides training the dog owner to control and teach the dog to be well behaved. Dog training is all about knowledge and information.  Having the right information and resources allows your to tackle dog problems in a systematic fashion and a way that the dog understands.

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The Pros:

  1. System is laid out in a systematic format
  2. Affordable Program
  3. Includes Bonuses:
    1. Audio book version of the courses
    2. “Quick guide to dog aggression” E-book
    3. “All the house training methods and tricks” E-book
    4. “Dog Grooming” E-book
    5. “Tips on Security Training your Dog” Report
    6. “Secrets to becoming the Alpha Dog” E-book
  4. 260 Page comprehensive book, 30 minute video on obedience
  5. Unlimited online behavior consultations
  6. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Cons:

  1. This is NOT a quick fix method, the methods that Daniel teaches are time tested and proven methods. Training will take time and patience
  2. The book is extremely comprehensive, it almost gives more information then you want.  I have found myself referring back to the book as the dog grows and for reinforcement for myself.

Final Word:

Overall, I am really impressed with product. I have used it to successfully train my english bulldog, Meatball. I would highly recommend this product.

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