Rottweiler Training

The Rottweiler is a rather talented dog. When treated with respect and care on a consistent base they train very easily. He is strong but yet gentle. His build may give the appearance of a bully but he has a good and kind heart. The Rottweiler can provide a lot of fun playful times with his family.


The Rottweiler is actually standoffish with strangers or in new situations much to the contrary of the misconception that exist about these dogs. It is of great importance that the Rottweiler selected for a family pet has been well-bred. A dog which has been poorly bred or has assumed a leadership role can create a lot of trouble for the owner.


Selecting a well-bred Rottweiler and then training it properly is of utmost importance. Failure to do this can result in tragedy and even stands the risk of the breed being banned from an entire city. This is a direct result of bad breeding and non socialization that has occurred.

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The Rottweiler is a dominant breed and has to be trained for obedience and respect for humans.

Socialization during training is important allowing the dog to become accustomed to people, other animals and new situations.

To build a good relationship with the dog basic commands must be practiced on a daily basis including leash training.

Rottweilers should not be left alone in back yards chained or confined by other means. This will cause the dog to become very territorial. Teasing or otherwise tormenting the dog should never be allowed.

Training tips

  • Establish yourself as the leader or “alpha dog”
  • Make your dog work for or earn their treat
  • Teach the command “Drop it”
  • Provide time for leash free play before training sessions
  • Consistency

A few tips to teach your dog you are the leader include turning your Rottweiler onto his back as this move in itself puts the dog in a submissive position. Praise him for allowing you do to this. The leader controls the food so position yourself as this leader by taking your dogs food away for a few seconds and then give it back to him.

If your dog gives you a look or gaze continue to stare at him until he looks away. The one who breaks the gaze or stare first becomes the submissive one and remember you are establishing your leadership as the “alpha dog”.

Only give treats to you dog when they have earned it. This will prevent your dog from thinking he can have anything he wants anytime he wants it.

Teaching your dog to “drop it” is a command that will actually provide safety to your dog. These dogs are curious by nature and may pick up something that could bring harm to them. By teaching this command you can obtain a quick response from your dog even when you are a distance away from him.

Prior to a training session provide an hour of leash free play. The dog will be ready to pay attention during your training session.

Your consistency in training will be most helpful when your Rottweiler is being persistent with unacceptable behavior. When you Rottweiler starts to jump on the furniture and you say “no”, often he will stop and then a short while later will try again to jump on the future. If you keep consistent and say “no” again they will eventually stop.

If you or someone else allows them to get on the furniture at any time, the dog not only learns it is okay to jump on the furniture but also that if he wants to do something and you say “no”  if he is persistent and keeps trying he can do whatever he wants eventually.

The testing of the owner by the Rottweiler may continue for 1-2 years but if you are consistent they will eventually learn and it will not occur as frequently.

Make sure you have selected a well bred Rottweiler and that consistent training is provided following the guidelines and tips provided for the best experience with your Rottweiler as a pet.

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