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Puppy and Dog Training Online Review

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“Puppy and Dog Training Online” is a informative, straight to the point dog training course.  The course was designed by Dove Cresswell, a Hollywood dog trainer.  She has trained numerous dogs for movies in Hollywood, and numerous pet owners in the greater Los Angeles area.   She is an acclaimed dog trainer and has designed an online course that is easy and interactive for all learning types.

This is a non-fluff dog training program that focuses on seven main course topics. The seven topics are:

1.)    Housebreaking your puppy
2.)    Crate Training
3.)    Obedience Training
4.)    Leash Walking
5.)    The Recall
6.)    Good Manners
7.)    Dog Tricks

Each part of the program is broken into 10-15 minute interactive videos, that teach you how to obtain your task at hand.  The course focuses on the main key points to having a well behaved dog.   Each one of the seven sections is broken into smaller groups so you can master the concept before you get to the next one.

This dog training program is fantastic is you are just looking to learn the basics and you want to learn them quick.  The courses are designed that way and will deliver that way.  If you are looking for a more in depth program, this may not be the one for you.  It just depends on what you are looking for.

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The Pros:

1.)    You can try a course lesson before you buy.  See what the course it like
2.)    Courses are straight to the point with no filler.
3.)    Affordable
4.)    Interactive videos that guide you step by step, computer will be required.
5.)    Dove is a professional dog trainer
6.)    Very organized layout
7.)    Money back guarantee

The Cons:

1.)    Courses explain how-to, but not how it works
2.)    The courses do not focus on all obedience and training concepts. Some are left out in comparison to other programs

Final Word:

Dove’s dog training course is so well put together that anyone can do it.  It may not be the most in depth program, but is wonderful for covering the basics.  I would recommend this product to any new dog owner.

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