Puppy Housebreaking Tips

There are several tips that can be beneficial to know when housebreaking your puppy.   Puppy housebreaking tips can bring success to your training program.

Tips To Puppy Housebreaking

  1. Consistency – Consistency is essential when housebreaking your puppy.
  2. Crate or Confined Space – It is essential to use a crate or confined space to effectively housebreak you dog.
  3. Remember puppies have limited bladder control.
  4. Puppies want to be clean and sleep in a clean area.
  5. A routine is important to establish with your puppy
  6. Specific times puppies need to potty
    • Upon awakening in the morning
    • Within ½ hour after eating
    • Before they go to sleep

If the puppy is not allowed to go potty at those times he will more than likely have an accident.

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Housetraining Baby Puppies

In addition to the tips noted above there is some additional information that can be helpful during housetraining a puppy. Puppies generally do not know when they are going to go until the exact time they do.  You can not expect a puppy to let you know when they need to go.


The observant owner will notice the puppy sniffing or looking for a place to go potty and can take there where they want them to go at that time.  This will help teach the puppy very quickly there is only one place that is acceptable to go to the bathroom and that is outside.  It is also very important that accidents are cleaned up immediately and odor eliminated right away as you puppy will return to these same spots to go potty again just simply by instinct of looking for a potty smell somewhere.

Use of the dog crate or small restricted area is of great importance.  It is most effective if a dog crate is used for this purpose.  The crate should not be too big.   The correct size is one that allows the dog to turn around but not any bigger.  If a larger crate is used, you should partition off a smaller portion of the cage for housetraining purposes and as the puppy gets larger you can remove the partition. The crate should be fairly empty with only a water dish, sleeping pad and a favorite toy.   The crate should be placed where the puppy can be in contact with the family.

The puppy probably will not like the crate in the beginning but do not give in and remove the crate.   The crate is a necessity of housetraining a puppy.

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