Pug Training

The small size of the Pug will present for some unique training situations.   Success in training a Pug depends upon the dog’s desire to obtain the owners approval. Pug’s naturally want to gain the approval of their owner and will usually do anything to obtain this approval.

Traits of the Pug dog

  • Affectionate
  • Happy
  • Fun
  • Loyal
  • Loving

These traits make the Pug a wonderful choice of a pet for families with children and other pets. For these same reasons the Pug is very popular as well.

One must remember the fact that the Pug is a wolf descendant and has some natural characteristics of the wolf. One of these traits is the result of the mother wolf’s method of teaching young cubs is in a playful manner. Use this approach in training your Pug puppy and he too will learn as he is having fun.

Get the best tools and guide to train your pug

From the very first day in your home, your Pug must understand from all family members that its role in the family is below everyone else.

Basic obedience training should be provided to your Pug before attempting to train your dog to perform tricks!

Your Pug puppy is very cute, small and will do some things when just a puppy that may not necessarily be a problem when young but you would not desire to be done as they transition to an adult dog. These things include:

  • Nipping someone’s feet or hands
  • Jumping up on people
  • Hanging on to a toy, refusing to let go.

You must not allow these behaviors with your puppy as they will continue into the dog’s adult life which will not be so cute or funny and are impossible or at least difficult to stop.

It is very important not to work your Pug excessively during training. Short lessons which are repeated and accomplishments rewarded by paying attention, petting and providing treats will produce the behavior you want your dog to obtain.

Pugs actually respond well to training done with treats and even a toy. The Pug tends to do almost anything for food, so if you are finding difficulty with a specific command try using food as an incentive for your dog.

Potty Training

Paper potty training is usually a great way to train your Pug. This can be accomplished by confining the puppy to a small room or section of room. A bathroom works well. Cover the entire floor with newspaper and then the Pug has no choice but to do business on the papers.  In a couple of weeks you can remove some of the papers and by habit that has been developed the dog will go to the paper to do business again. Pugs can tend to be stubborn in this area and if necessary you may have to start over a few times until he consistently goes to the paper. You will need patience during this time.

Following these training tips can result in ownership of a loving and devoted family pet. Your willingness to invest in the time and effort required to properly train your Pug will be rewarded by a well adjusted pet.

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