Poodle Training

Training a Poodle dog can be a very rewarding experience. Poodle dog training will allow the owner to enjoy spending time with their dog.

A firm approach but yet gentle is recommended while training your poodle dog. The poodle dog has a stubborn streak abut genuinely wants to please their owner. The real trick to training a poodle dog is consistency and patience.

Common mistakes in Poodle dog training

  • Teaching the dog too many commands at one time
  • Moving  too quickly through commands
  • More than one person train the dog
  • Using multiple training methods
  • Not refreshing the dog’s memory with commands that have been learned.

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Consistency is key to poodle dog training. Consistency ain training can assure that commands are carried out each time given. Being consistent does not excuse punishing your dog every time they do not follow through. What it does mean is taking the time to choose the best training option for your dog. Using the best method for your dog will result in a well training dog for your services.

How to obtain consistency training your poodle

  • Be reasonable. Begin with very basic commands. Keep training sessions to 10 minutes to prevent boredom. Remember if you bore your dog you will not progress.
  • Remove distractions. Train in a quiet environment.  Removing the distractions will assure you have your dog’s undivided attention.
  • Beware of boredom. If you notice your dog becoming bored, it is probably time to change up your teaching method. Use your creativity in teaching the basic commands
  • Schedule training. Dog’s respond better to training when on a routine schedule.
  • Praise – An abundance of verbal praise should be provided when he accomplishes a new task. Always take time out to give praise to your dog.
  • Do not give in. If your dog shows signs of being fussy and not completing commands correctly, it is best to quit training for the day and pick it right back up the next day rather than letting the dog get by with less that superior performance.
  • Always be firm and only give praise when it is deserved.
  • Life training. Training is for life.  Once the basic commands have been taught, Training must be continued by re-teaching the basic commands over again and again regularly to assure that your dog does not forget what they have learned.
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