Miniature Schnauzer Training

There are several traits, if established in your leadership and dog training skills, will provide for successful training sessions with the Miniature Schnauzer.

Training is a must for the Miniature Schnauzer.  They are very smart dogs but obedience training is required so their intelligence is used in the best way.   A miniature schnauazer that is not trained will use his smarts to get his way and will be out of control.  Obedience training unbelievably creates a very obedient dog making it an excellent show dog.  Because of the amount of training required, a first time dog owner just might want to think a second time before selecting a Miniature Schnauzer.

Training is another essential part of owning Miniature Schnauzers. These dogs require the proper obedience training so their intelligence can be put to good use. An untrained Schnauzer will use his own devices to get what he wants and will be virtually impossible to control. This being said, when this breed is effectively trained they display outstanding obedience, which makes them ideal for show rings. Nonetheless, because of the persistent training this breed requires, he may not be an ideal choice for the first time dog owner.

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Training tips for Miniature Schnauzer training

  • Establish yourself at the pack leader
  • Provide praise and attention for accomplishments
  • Keep training sessions short
  • Provide treats when training an older dog
  • End sessions with petting, praise, and play

Establishing a training program that allows your Schnauzer puppy to become subordinate will keep behaviors of frustration and aggressiveness for your dog at a minimum.  The best way to create this type of learning environment is to demonstrate your competency as a leader during your training sessions.  Miniature Schnauzers need a leader and when you do not establish yourself in this role, the schnauzer will take on this role and the behaviors of aggressiveness, fretfulness, disobedient, and simply becomes unruly.   Establishing yourself as the leader of the pack will prevent unwanted behavior that can be found in this type of dog.

When you Miniature Schnauzer accomplishes a task such as “sit” follow immediately with praise and petting.  The best way to demonstrate your praise is by stroking your dog and in an upbeat tone say “good girl/boy”.   Repeating this process of having the dog follow the command and then providing praise is very successful.    The Miniature Schnauzer is driven to follow commands by attention and positive praise.

The social approach to dog training by way of leadership and praise not only works for the young puppy but will also work very well with an older more dominant Miniature Schnauzer.

Demonstrating by your movements or your body position what you are commanding your dog to do will help your dog understand what you are expecting him or her to do.   Due to the older adult dog’s dominance training will have to be performed in a strict but yet patient and kind manner to transfer leadership to the trainer.

The use of treats when training the older Miniature Schnauzer as behaviors are changed and training successes are obtained can have a positive effect during the training process.   Treats are not necessarily required when training a young puppy as rewarding them with attention and praise is usually sufficient.

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