Learn The Secrets To House Training Your Dog

Prevention is the goal of house training for a Dog rather than waiting for an accident to happen.

Traits you need when house training a dog

  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Reliability

Tools needed for training

  • Dog crate or small confined area

Important facts you should know before starting to house train a puppy or dog

  • Adult dog and Puppy training is basically handled the same way
  • A routine schedule is best for all dogs
  • Potty time is at some specific times: When they wake up, The first half hour after eating, Before they go to sleep

Learn the secrets to house training your dog

House training a Dog

Set up the dog crate in an area where the dog can be with the family.  Place a water dish inside the crate, toy, and a sleeping pad.

It is important to give your dog time to get accustomed to being in the crate.  It is important not to give in to his whining initially.  When you place the dog in the crate reward him with a treat.  If you maintain consistency with the use of the crate it will bring success.

Getting started right

If you are just bringing your dog home, start things out right by taking the dog from the car to the yard in the area you want him to use to go potty. Place him down and tell him time to potty.   Wait until he goes potty and then give positive feedback such as good doggy.

If your dog cries out during the night, take him outside, he probably needs to potty.

Use the basic steps for puppy house training for a new older dog.   Utilize a crate and put the dog on a schedule.

What about those accidents?

It is important to remember this method of house training is focused on prevention of accident. Taking your dog out consistently at the times he probably will need to go is more effective than punishment.

If your dog has an accident because you failed to take him out, remember it is not his fault.

Following these simple house training guidelines should provide you and your dog the success desired.

Consistency is the most important part of house training your dog.  It is not all your dogs’ responsibility.  Housetraining is a partnership with the dog and owner.  When you approach it in this manner you will find much quicker success.

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