Labrador Training

Training a Labrador puppy is a necessity and a very enjoyable adventure or the trainer and the puppy.   The IQ and the desire of the Labrador to please you results in a breed that is easily trained.  They are both exceptional and excellent students.    The Labrador is the top dog in training for each phase of dog training from house training to the highest level of obedience training.

As an owner/trainer your responsibility is to provide lots of fresh drinking water, cool airflow and a shade.


Your Labrador puppy should start training as soon as possible, although it is never too late to start.   Your darling sweet lab puppy will grow very quickly to be a very powerful and easily excitable dog, which will make handling difficult if you have not provided basic obedience training.

Learn the secrets to Labrador retriever dog training and how to make your Labrador obedient

Obedience training at an early age when your Labrador retriever is at a size you can manage fairly easy is very important.  The time you spend in training your dog will establish a strong bond between you and your dog.   This will result in your dog being very loyal to you and obedient to your commands.


The very best way to communicate with your Labrador retriever during training is with a positive approach that is not violent and utilizes methods of reward based training.  Setting guidelines and establishing boundaries for your Labrador is all that will take or him to gain respect as a part of society. Harsh training techniques do not belong as part of the training for your Labrador.   What will be needed in an abundant dose is devoted time with you providing both physical and mental stimulation.


Socialization is of utmost importance and should be started at a very early age.  This will assure your dog is comfortable in situations involving people, other animals and simply everyday life.

General obedience commands including sit, stay, come, down and heel will be quick wins for your Lab.

Training your Labrador for these two areas will have increased benefits as your Labrador grows into an adult dog.

  • Loose leash walking in a nice fashion
  • Stop jumping on people

It is recommended you spend an hour a day playing and training your Labrador due to their energy level.   They are very playful and without a sufficient outlet to release this energy your Lab will probably get into trouble.  Take advantage of your dog natural retriever attributes and playfulness teaching him to fetch and come.  A small Frisbee, flying disc, or tennis ball can be tossed beyond your dog and it will be natural for him to retrieve the object.   Once he gets the object in his mouth, give the command “Come”.  When he brings the object to you reward him for a job well done.  You and the dog will enjoy this game of fetch frequently.

If you are training your Lab at home yourself, following a prescribed training program is recommended.  It is best to use a program that emphasizes working with your dogs emotions.

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