Golden Retriever Training

The Golden Retriever is a favorite for most dog lovers.   Usually when someone once has a Golden retriever they will have another in their lifetime.

These beautiful dogs make a great family companion when they have received Golden Retriever dog training.


  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Sociable
  • Eager to please

Golden Retriever history

Golden Retrievers a 19th century breed was developed in Scotland and England for hunting purposes. The Golden Retrievers common today are actually a result of crossbreeding some of the following dogs

  • Yellow Retrievers
  • Tweed Water Spaniels,
  • Irish Setters and Bloodhounds.

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Golden Retrievers are rather docile in personality and tend to be very gentle. These qualities make then a great choice for families with children and other family pets including cats.  But because of these same reasons they tend to not make great guard dogs.

Golden Retrievers love to play outdoors and swim in water.  They make great companions as they like to be with you all of the time.   The want and require a lot of attention.

They are full of energy and if not provided proper training can be very destructive due to this energy.  They love to play and can even be quite mischievous.  It is best to establish yourself as the boss right away or they will actually try to get what they want.

Whether Golden Retrievers reside in the city or in the country they will need a lot of exercise.   At a minimum the Golden Retriever should have two 20 minute walks a day.

Golden Retriever Dog training tips

  • Gather information about the dogs past
  • Identify the family member to be the Alpha male
  • Start with basic training to include sit, stay, and come commands. These basic commands will strengthen the Alpha dog relationship that will support more advanced training and commands.
  • Crate your dog. Your dog will actually love his crate.
  • Reward with treats. Small treats you can hold in your hand and quickly give to your dog while training is best.
  • Communicate at the dogs level
  • Consistency

Following these simple tips will provide Golden Retriever training success for both you and your dog. The traits of the Golden Retriever including loyalty, loving, and eager to please make the training process for the Golden Retriever to be a bonding time for dog and owner. These traits also make this dog an excellent choice as a first pet, especially dog.

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