Easy D.I.Y Dog Training Secrets Online Review

“Easy D.I.Y Dog Training Secrets Online” is dog training program designed by Sandra Baker.   This program encompasses dog training and obedience fundamentals.   Sandra program helps you change your dogs annoying behaviors, no matter how taboo the problem is.  She takes a direct and to the point approach to her training and offers her training in three tiers, depending on the severity of how bad the dog problems are that you are trying to fix.

Sandra has tons of testimonials and respects acclaim in the dog training and pet training community.  She has worked with thousands of dogs and other animals over the span of 10 years.  She has been selling thousands of these books, and has recently release the second edition of the book with more information and update concepts.

The main E-book guide is shorter than many other programs, but it does get right to the point so you can get started on training your dog.   The product is a good value for you money if you are looking for no frills guide. The programs also include e-books and audio books on tough dog obedience training topics, to give a more through and in-depth training on specific issues, like potty training.

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The Pros

1.)    Choices – You can purchase the bronze, silver and gold plan to fit your needs
2.)    Affordable
3.)    Gets to the point on training
4.)    60 day money back guarantee
5.)    She teaches “taboo” dog training topics  (i.e. stop dog humping)

The Cons

1.)    Information is top level, and does not dig deep into topic. It does show you have to what you need to do though.
2.)    Depending on which product you purchase, it can be pricier than related dog training programs

Final Word

“Easy D.I.Y Dog Training Secrets Online” is a good product with great information, and would be very useful for people that need assistance with unusual obedience topics.  Here information is well organized and I would recommend this product for the a dog owner that has had dogs before and need help on weird topics.


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