Dog Sneezing: Is It Natural?

Dog sneezing has several causes. But what is striking is the fact that dogs sneeze for the same reasons humans do. Sneezing is not a disease in itself. It is only a symptom. Thus it is important to know what causes such sneezing and how to respond to it.

Upper respiratory tract infections caused by airborne viruses and bacteria may cause sneezing. It is important to isolate animals who exhibit the symptom accompanied by nasal discharge and fever. This is because while some animal diseases that cause sneezing are not passable to humans, they can easily be transmitted to other animals.

Dog sneezing may also be caused by temporary irritations. This happens when certain particles such as dust, pollen or mold enter the nasal area. In order to get rid of these particles, a dog’s natural mechanism will trigger sneezing. This is usually a less serious cause and does not call for intensive medical treatment unless otherwise determined.

Allergic reactions can also cause sneezing. Allergens such as pollen, dust, debris, chemicals and even some types of food may cause dogs to sneeze. This cause however is non-contagious, but a veterinarian should be consulted just to make sure that no other more serious cause is involved.

Among the more serious causes of dog sneezing are tumors and sinus and dental problems or infections. These require immediate medical attention and care

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