Boxer Training

The Boxer is an astounding dog, full of energy, very playful and an absolute handful in a fun sort of way.    Being a loyal dog building a friendship with a boxer creates a lifetime friend.  The boxer will require a lot of attention and training is a must.  As a result the Boxer is not the dog for just anyone.  The high intelligence of the boxer will be a wonderful trait during training time.

Being smart also means the boxer will outwit their owner just to get whatever they want.  With that being said, let’s get down to the serious side of training.

Basic Boxer Dog Training

The Boxer dog’s career is general that of a guard dog and therefore their training is built with this in mind.   Boxers are not typically aggressive by nature even though people generally think of the Boxer as being a rather aggressive dog.  Their strong stature and rather intense look are what bring about this automatic assumption.

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Intelligent and Stubborn

Remember we mentioned the Boxer was an intelligent dog, well he does have another trait and that is just plain being stubborn.  There will be times when you command an action from your Boxer and he will stare you down.  Oh, never doubt, he knows what you are wanting but he has just made the decision he isn’t going to do it.   The key in this situation is patience.  This is also a good reason to remember to start your boxer dog training at the age of 6 weeks old.  Start out by playing with him, teaching him in a rather playful, socializing, fun manner.   He will be more willing to cooperate with you during training and as he grows older if you start out with this method.

Primary Aspect of Training

You will not be surprised with the information already provided that the primary aspect of training your Boxer is socialization.   The Boxer needs to be trained to become a great friendly dog.  They will need to get comfortable with people and other dogs.    The best way to accomplish this is to send your dog to training class.   This will expose your Boxer to another person and other dogs being trained at the same time.   Socialization and training all in one, how can you go wrong!

Serious Boxer Dog Training

At the age of 13-16 weeks it is a great time to start the next level of training.

It is at this point your Boxer will start trying to exhibit dominating traits.  He may nip at you all the while wanting you to understand he is in control.   He will also show this dominance by ignoring your commands.   It is very important at this stage of the training you are in control.  You will have to prove to your Boxer that bad behavior has consequences and are absolutely unacceptable at all times.

A wonderful family dog and great pet for all ages a Boxer trained early and seriously will prove to be a loyal, proud dog ready to snuggle in your lap more than anything else

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