Beagle Training

What dog is there that is more fun loving and easy to please than a Beagle?

When you start training your Beagle you will discover they do have a few more traits that can make the Beagle dog training process perhaps something a little more than you had expected.

General traits and characteristics

Often someone who has trained beagles may refer to them as being obstinate. Oh, yes we are still talking about that easy to please, fun loving short little Beagle.   The Beagle is sometimes known to have a short attention span quickly moving from one thing to another right in the middle of their training session. Also remember that being smart doesn’t necessarily grant an easy training process. Being a type of Hound, which are hunting dogs, the Beagle will demonstrates these characteristics also. They have a great sense of small and are very curious as well. You may have noticed a beagle frequently is sniffing and acting very inquisitive. It does not matter if they are indoors or outdoors the Beagle will do a lot of sniffing and snooping.

Developing a Training plan with the Beagle Personality in Mind

Training lessons should be relatively short and very consistent. For the best training experience for your energetic Beagle you need to assure he gets plenty of exercise as well as playtime.

When should Training Start?

To start at the right age to train you Beagle dog is very important. You should start training about 8-10 weeks of age.

Basic Command Training

Simple commands of sit, stay, heel should be tackled first. After your Beagle has mastered these simple basic commands you can go to the next level of command training.

The following is a great method to train your dog the command sit.


  • Start with a refreshed and alert dog
  • In your hand place a dog treat
  • Let you dog see the dog treat and even sniff it but not eat it hold the treat just above the back of his head out of his reach.
  • Carefully move you hand with the treat toward the tail of the dog. You dog will follow your hand with his eyes and in doing so will slightly sit.
  • As the dog starts to sit, stop moving your hand and say Sit  firmly, loudly, and very politely
  • A few second after the dog is sitting give him his first treat as a reward, pat him on the head to confirm his good behavior
  • Repeat these steps several times so you dog will begin to understand the command and the rewarded behavior.
  • Only allow the command training to take place 2-3 times a day for about 5 minutes.
  • Only give the command once but it should be said firmly, loudly and slowly.  Repeating the command several times or trying to convince the dog to sit will only confuse the dog.

Your Beagle will learn these commands over time with consistency and patience.

Rewards Instead of Punishment

A rather basic part of your Beagles training is the availability of his favorite dog treats. These will be used to reward your beagle for his great behavior during the training. To assure your dog does not gain weight as a result of the additional treats try breaking the treats into small pieces.

Potty Training your Beagle

Consistency is imperative in this part of the training.  Not only will your dog need to learn when to go to the bathroom but he will also need to be trained on where also.

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Overall Basic Training Tips

  • Short training sessions less than 10 minutes 2-3 times a day
  • Assure your Beagle gets adequate exercise
  • Exhibit firmness but nice behavior when training your dog
  • Never get physical with your dog
  • Provide rewards during training of your dogs favorite treat

Provide the proper training for your Beagle dog and enjoy a great family pet.

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