10 Tips To Help You For Your Weimaraner’s Puppy Training

First thing first, get to know your puppy.This breed is one that is naturally smart and have been coined with the title “dog with a human brain,” indicating their vast level of intelligence. But still, he must undergo basic levels of training just like other breed of dogs.

Successful Weimaraner’s puppy training tips:

Simple one word command will be good for the Weimaraner’s as it will be easier for them to remember. They don’t learn on something that happened before, they learn in present tense and say them only once. So they will not think that you need to repeat the word before they obey you.

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1) Don’t confuse your weimaraner its better for them to have a routine, or being consistent on what he knows is bad and good.
2) Always be alert once he commit a mistake, correct it immediately.  You will only have a few seconds to snag your weimaraner, don’t correct him about something that happens in the past.
3) During Weimaraner’s puppy training once you caught him, approach him and correct the mistake, instead of asking him to come to you, they will feel that by coming to you that’s already the correction for their mistake.
4) A good way for your Weimaraner to know that’s he is doing good is by giving reward or treat.  Immediately give them the treat as soon as your Weimaraner obeys your command or did something good.
5) Always use a good tone of voice when praising or correcting your meimaraner.  Smile when praising him so he can hear a happy tone.  But be firm for correcting your weimaraner.

6) Since these breed of dogs are very intelligent, during your weimaraner puppy training do some activities that will enhance this characteristics.  Make an obstacle and make him run to it, aside from the exercise he is getting, this also improve his agility and again enhance his intelligence.  Because of the different obstacle, your making him think on how to pass through the different obstacle you set up.
7) Make sure he sleep in his own bed as early as possible, there will be a point that they will be needy, so when that time comes it will not be difficult for your weimaraner to sleep on their own bed.

8 )Get a crate as early as possible, so your weimaraner will get used to sleeping and having his own crate.  This will also help with the separation anxiety of your dog.
9) Have your weimaraner see you put your shoes and cloths on and then leave immediately and make the other preparation you do before leaving with your dog by your side but don’t leave immediately.  Weimaraner knows when their master are leaving, by doing this it will reduce their sparation anxiety and will be easy for you to leave with out them barking or getting your attention.
10) And lastly never ever hurt your weimaraner or any dog for them to obey you.  Physical abuse will install fear and might lead to an aggressive behavior of your dog.  The more you show love to them the more they will listen and obey you.

Understanding and listening o your dog is very important, in that way we can immediately provide them with their needs.

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